Self-adhesive films

Printing on self-adhesive vinyls allows you to advertise virtually anywhere.

Excellent print quality, many types of foil adapted to any, even the most demanding surface, and specialized laminates are used indoors and outdoors. Both for short-, medium- and long-term advertising on walls, windows, coffers, signboards, floors, means of transport and many others.

Foil types:


The most popular of the economic foils.


Self-adhesive foil with a perforated surface. The semi-permeable effect of the product is due to a large number of holes, densely and evenly distributed over the entire surface.

Printed products of this type are used e.g. for shop windows, windows of public transport buses or passenger vehicles used as an advertising medium. The characteristic features of this product include the fact that the foil reduces visibility only to a small extent from the inside.


This foil enables easy and quick application without the participation of a group of specialists – even when covering large surfaces!

In the event of a mistake during sticking, the foil gives the possibility of correction without damaging the final effect. Material ideal for applications: POS, shop windows, interior decoration and furniture, internal advertising and signage.

The film has a special DOT adhesive that allows easy application without bubbles and possible transfer of the application to another place without losing the adhesive properties of the material.


Monomeric film Floor laminate. The printout on the monomeric film is covered with a special floor laminate, which protects the printout from mechanical damage. The anti-slip properties of the laminate guarantee the safety of people walking on the printouts.

Stickers can also be cut into various shapes. It is an interesting, eye-catching form of advertising to be used, for example, in stores, shopping malls, stations, fairs and all kinds of events.


It is most often used for the production of larger, easily removable (and not damaging painted surfaces) advertisements on cars or smaller gadgets as the so-called. advertising magnets (e.g. for a fridge). Media of this type can also be used wherever there is a need to change the exposure frequently. Products belonging to this group are characterized by a properly selected magnetic force that protects against accidental slipping.

Sticked from inside

Samoprzylepna translucentna folia polimerowa jest przeznaczona do wielkoformatowych wydruków cyfrowych. Materiał ten został stworzony do wykonywania reklam podświetlonych, np. kasetonów. Folia drukowana jest z podwójnym nasyceniem kolorów, aby po podświetleniu zachować ich intensywność.


This adhesive-free milk film with a thickness of 205 microns was created for illuminated advertising for light boxes, light boxes, for fairs, exhibitions, etc.

The foil is printed with double color saturation to maintain their intensity after backlighting.


The polymer film is mainly used for long-term outdoor advertising, e.g. on signs, boards, vehicles with light embossing.

The “Rapid Air” technology enables easy positioning of the film during gluing, without leaving air bubbles under the film.


Cast films, due to their parameters, are most often chosen for car wrapping. Cast foils retain their original ones properties for up to 10 years, protecting the car from damage.


The film is ideal for application on windows in rooms where we want to limit visibility while maintaining light supply. Most often used in doctor’s offices, offices, bathrooms, etc.

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