The best large-area advertisement

Banner advertising is the simplest and most economical form of advertising. Banner materials are suitable for indoor and outdoor exposure, both for smaller surfaces such as roll-ups, balconies, fences and large-scale advertisements for scaffolding or building facades.

Banner types:


Its strong structure and smooth surface give the possibility of very universal use, both for long-term outdoor advertisements and for indoor exhibitions.


Banner material for backlit advertising. It looks most effective at night when illuminated. Used in coffers, frames, at fairs, bus shelters, etc.


The material is intended primarily for outdoor advertising. Through the perforated structure, it lets light and air through and is much lighter, thanks to which it allows you to create large-area advertisements. Used on fences, scaffoldings, building facades.


Strong, high-quality, coated banner material with a smooth surface with a special black spacer in the middle, allows for two-sided printing, the graphics do not show through from one side to the other. Also used for one-sided printing, wherever we want to block the light. Used at fairs, for roll-ups, in shops, etc.

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